Finding Purpose

Finding your purpose is a journey
Finding your purpose is a journey

One of life’s ironies is that we are afraid of  dying and afraid  of aging  yet living a long life means  getting to see your old age .We want to be ‘forever young’ yet youth is fleeting and ones youth can bypass them like a hurricane wind. One minute you are twenty and the next minute your forties are knocking at your door step. The question is when forty comes by will you look back and regret how you spent the best days of your life, your youth (relative) or will you regret and wonder whether life would have been different if you had been a little patient to find your passion and given your days purpose instead of doing what everyone else expected of you.

The number one secret to living a full life is finding purpose in all you do .it’s   simply finding something that makes your heart go gaga. It’s that activity you will be at for hours and not notice time passing .It’s not about how this activity changes your bank account balance, it’s about how it makes you feel.Yes, passion appeals more to our emotional side than to our financial status.

When you begin working on yourself you become better in all sectors, you appeal more to the people who encounter you. You develop a high level of confidence because you are comfortable at what you are doing and girl doesn’t the world love confidence. When you develop confidence in yourself doors begin to open in your life, people recognize your skill. The moment you open up a business, people want to buy your products because you have already bought into your own products. The type of person shows in what you do. Its then that you realize that finding purpose is the only secret  to you making some coins from something you are passionate about.

People will tell you that with our economy you cannot afford to follow your dreams, you  need to follow the money first ,your bills will not pay themselves .Do not however join this masses and say that the world is a cruel world and it will never give you an opportunity to be yourself. Opportunities are created.

Do not agree to be a slave of your current circumstance because you choose not to see the light at the end of this tunnel that is your life, take those baby steps they will get you to your destination not where everyone expects you to be .Then again never say never to anything you believe you are capable of in your life because limits just like fears are always an illusion .You are the only obstacle standing between your current life and that life you have always dreamt of for yourself. Find your purpose and start living.