To Ban or not to Ban Plastic Bags in Kenya.


Dandora one of Nairobi’s largest dumping sites tells the story of the plastic bags menace in Kenya vividly, about 5O% of the trash in this site is plastic bags. This could however Change as the ministry for environment has gazetted a law that states that government will no longer allow the use of plastic bags in the country in the next six months .The reasons cited is that plastic bags are a threat to our environment and are contributors to environmental degradation.

The hurdles in this scenario however are the thousands of jobs that will be lost due to this directive with manufacturers already counting their losses and trying to get the government to change its directive due to the losses it will cost the economy.

By removing plastic bags from the picture a void is created and it has to be filled. What will the common mwananchi carry her groceries in? Many will be quick to answer paper bags or tote bags. Scientist are however of the opinion that paper bags have a bigger negative impact on climate change than plastic bags .Paper bags have a higher carbon imprint .They  require a lot of energy during production and thus a lot of greenhouse gases are emitted  causing pollution.

Some of The reasons why Kenyans support the governments directive on  phasing out of the plastic bags could include.

  • Plastic bags have been the thorn in their flesh, the litter on Kenyan streets is mostly plastic bags.
  • Drainage systems in major towns and estates have been rendered useless due to plastic bags getting stuck in them and causing blockage.
  • Plastic bags have infringed on our oceans leading to their contamination, additionally fish, and marine mammals in general ingest them. These plastic bags poison or choke the fish leading to their death.
  • Plastic by itself is a toxin which is not good for a person’s health. People ingest toxins by consuming contaminated sea mammals. This leads to health complications.

The die seems to have already been cast on this one but things are never done until they are done .We are counting down six months to see how the dust settles on this plastic bags ban. Will the ministry of environment win or will plastic bags manufacturers carry the day?


PS; Kindly leave your comments on why you support or do not support the use of plastic bags.

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Finding Purpose

Finding your purpose is a journey
Finding your purpose is a journey

One of life’s ironies is that we are afraid of  dying and afraid  of aging  yet living a long life means  getting to see your old age .We want to be ‘forever young’ yet youth is fleeting and ones youth can bypass them like a hurricane wind. One minute you are twenty and the next minute your forties are knocking at your door step. The question is when forty comes by will you look back and regret how you spent the best days of your life, your youth (relative) or will you regret and wonder whether life would have been different if you had been a little patient to find your passion and given your days purpose instead of doing what everyone else expected of you.

The number one secret to living a full life is finding purpose in all you do .it’s   simply finding something that makes your heart go gaga. It’s that activity you will be at for hours and not notice time passing .It’s not about how this activity changes your bank account balance, it’s about how it makes you feel.Yes, passion appeals more to our emotional side than to our financial status.

When you begin working on yourself you become better in all sectors, you appeal more to the people who encounter you. You develop a high level of confidence because you are comfortable at what you are doing and girl doesn’t the world love confidence. When you develop confidence in yourself doors begin to open in your life, people recognize your skill. The moment you open up a business, people want to buy your products because you have already bought into your own products. The type of person shows in what you do. Its then that you realize that finding purpose is the only secret  to you making some coins from something you are passionate about.

People will tell you that with our economy you cannot afford to follow your dreams, you  need to follow the money first ,your bills will not pay themselves .Do not however join this masses and say that the world is a cruel world and it will never give you an opportunity to be yourself. Opportunities are created.

Do not agree to be a slave of your current circumstance because you choose not to see the light at the end of this tunnel that is your life, take those baby steps they will get you to your destination not where everyone expects you to be .Then again never say never to anything you believe you are capable of in your life because limits just like fears are always an illusion .You are the only obstacle standing between your current life and that life you have always dreamt of for yourself. Find your purpose and start living.



Green Walkers

On that 10Km Walk #IStandWithKaruraForest
Green Walkers on that 10Km Walk #IStandWithKaruraForest


Time is the most precious commodity not even gold and  diamond can compare to time .Its thus flattering when a group of young people decide to put every other business they have behind them and be part of a 10Km walk in Karura Forest to create awareness on the need for conservation of forests.

The world is celebrating the global goals week and goal 13 on climate action is one of the seventeen sustainable development goals and one of the most important ones .This is because if we don’t conserve our planet right now we will have everything else but no future. A poorly conserved planet means we will slowly succumb to illnesses and disease.

The Green walk team has taken the initiative to stand with Karura forest a forest found near Nairobi the capital city of Kenya .Due its proximity to the city centre it’s been prone to grabbing by rich business moguls whose aim is to turn the forest area into an industry area where they build malls and hotels to make them more money to the detriment of our health. Such development will leave the rest of us prone to problems that arise due to climate change. deforestation and encroachment of riparian reserves have nothing but negative effects such as destruction of the ozone layer and increase in carbon emissions that we cannot allow .The general public does not understand the dangers of deforestation and they be interested in reaping from the short term benefits of job creation that will arise from commercializing Karura forest but we cannot let this happen. That is  why efforts of young people such as The Green Walk Team cannot go unnoticed and bodies in government including the Ministry of environment should support and encourage more young people to join this initiatives bent on conservation of currently forested land  and afforestation.

A selfie definitely makes 10kms shorter #IstandWithKaruraForest
A selfie definitely makes 10kms shorter #IstandWithKaruraForest

The plan of The Green Walk team is to compliment the environmental activities done by other stakeholders within the forest and to also better the lives of the people living around Karura Forest. Their goal of providing clean water and sanitation to communities in Nairobi is a noble one and is in line with Sustainable goal 6 on provision of clean water and Sanitation to all. Youth is fleeting but we must say that this young people are putting theirs to a good use. Care to be a green walker? Visit their website

I am a Green Walker,are you?
I am a Green Walker,are you?
Raising  an environment conscious generation with Honorable Fiu
Raising an environment conscious generation with Honorable Fiu




Environmental Capital

Water ways that need conservation
Water ways that need conservation

Environmental capital is the corner stone of any economy of a country. For the other sectors to thrive the environment has to be well taken care off. The worlds ecosystem and its biodiversity has over the years continued to be threatened by continuous human encroachment on forests, water ways and on wild animals’. Exploitation of these natural resources to meet the needs of an ever growing population is the greatest problem.

Vast mountain areas that shouldn’t be encroached by human settlement.

The burgeoning of human settlement on forest reserves and on water ways has led to nature retaliating in ways such as increased flooding, increased costs of pumping freshwater where residents of urban areas have to pay so much to get clean water in their houses. The disappearance of economically valuable fresh water fish leading to reduction in the global ocean fish catch is also another issue, where families that were largely reliant on fishing as their means of making money now have to look for alternative livelihoods. This goes on to show us that our ignorance of the environment makes us vulnerable especially where we can’t get clean water in our homes. It’s a problem that trickles down to us, its personal and we need to be part of the solution.

The world is currently dealing with the reality of climate change which is one of the negative effects of over exploitation of environmental capital. The conversion of natural ecosystem to areas for human use and also mining of minerals such as coal and oil which are of high economic value is the highest contributor to this menace. Countries may make money from real estate investments and also from sale of these underground minerals but in the long term they will be in trouble. At this point in time when Kenya is looking to get both into coal mining and the oil industry the question on the lips of young people right now should be. What is of more importance right now, conserving our environment capital or having short term economic mileage on other African countries financially by mining oil?