The Blurred Future of The 6-Year-Old Boy That Hangs at The Muguka Joint

    November last year came with a lot of change for me. It had been two weeks since my move to Embu when I realized I needed a table to add to my furniture.When your job involves moving now and then, you learn to travel light and leave behind …

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my forte

Finding My Forte in 2017

2017 has been a labyrinth for me. I was working on finding my footing in so many areas in my life at some point I thought I would go bonkers. I needed to put in so much work into my career and my personal life and i did. I don’t …

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Narrative Favors

The Do What You Love Narrative Favors the Privileged in Society

Nobody listens when you cry foul, when you say things like ‘life is unfair’ because life has never been fair. Life is a fast sailing boat that does not wait for those in the crowd who are not sure where they are headed. You have to man up (whatever that …

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The Business Opportunity in the Plastic Bags Ban in Kenya

  Regular plastic bags remain for up to 100 years contributing the highest percentage to the world’s environmental degradation as plastic bags pollution affects land, waterways, oceans and human’s health. On realization of their negative impact, environmentalist around the world begun to lobby for countries to not only stop the …

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A Narcissist for a Friend

“I” and “me” are their favorite vocabulary, the world literally revolves around them, your woes don’t matter, your problems can wait, theirs cannot. We all have this type of friend who puts them-self first even when a little selflessness is expected of them. They are what we call a narcissist. …

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