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Finding My Forte in 2017

Walking into a new chapter :)
Walking into a new chapter 🙂

2017 has been a labyrinth for me. I was working on finding my footing in so many areas in my life at some point I thought I would go bonkers. I needed to put in so much work into my career and my personal life and i did. I don’t know of a yardstick I can use to measure whether I have succeeded yet or not but I can confidently say I have made progress. One of the things 2017 has taught me is that getting comfortable is not an option, you have to stay woke ready for the next opportunity that life throws at you.Yes, even hardships are opportunities so dont cow when one comes your way.

I have travelled across Kenyan counties a bit this year. I could write stories, stories full of colourful memories and shades of difficulties but happy tales nonetheless . A younger version of me prayed for this travelling experiences that am having now but this older version of me is not sure about the travel thing anymore. Maybe it’s better to be a little more grounded. The backpack life can be disorienting as one has to keep starting over and there is so much uncertainty its intimidating.

Currently, i am in Embu County, December is my second month here. I must admit I was nervous about moving to Embu since it was a work-related relocation. I was expected to live in a local area, I didn’t know anybody prior to the move and I was not sure I would adjust. It’s through this experience that I have learnt being the new face in the ‘hood’ read village is difficult. The thing with villages is that everybody knows everybody including who their ancestors were. So when you are the new kid on the block, you get unwarranted attention from all corners. You have to constantly answer the question ‘where are you from?’ from multiple people.

It’s even harder to figure the place out if you cannot speak the local language. Most times you do not know the apt way to behave towards the locals and you have to take some time to learn their dos and don’ts. I must admit that going to new places, conquering them and creating a life for myself there has been my highlight this year. It’s one of the things I am really proud of myself for. Being out of my comfort zone read ‘cities’ in this context has made me rediscover myself. Realize strengths that I never knew I had within me and magnify them to make them work for me.

I am hopeful that 2018 will come with its share of blessings from our Heavenly Father. There will be mountains to climb but the joy of life is emerging victorious against the challenges it throws at us. I know 2018 will be a year of many firsts for me and I am ready.

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