A Narcissist for a Friend

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“I” and “me” are their favorite vocabulary, the world literally revolves around them, your woes don’t matter, your problems can wait, theirs cannot. We all have this type of friend who puts them-self first even when a little selflessness is expected of them. They are what we call a narcissist.
They are enemies of progress, a destroyer of frail people’s self-esteem. Team work does not exist in their vocabulary; they consider themselves self-sufficient. Due to their repulsive behavior they have pushed everyone away.
Boisterous falls short of describing them. Vain is their middle name, their ego is the elephant in the room that everyone has to learn to contend with.
Woe unto you if this describes your boss as you are not allowed to have opinions, having an opinion is usurping power from them, you have to apologize even when you are not in the wrong. Narcissists subjugate their employees; they abhor growth in others as to them it means you just might end up better than them.
Narcissists are stuck up; they have a fixed mind-set as opposed to a growth mind set. They talk too much and barely listen when others share their ideas.
I believe narcissism is a personality disorder but some say it’s a necessary trait with the claim that you have to sometimes put your interests first because no one else will do that for you. Believing in yourself is good, you need to have the kind of faith that can move mountains in yourself just not at the expense of others.
Most people who have gone on to become Nobel laureates have selflessness as a virtue. A narcissist is selfish and even though they may succeed in given areas in life they will never be weapons of change in society. If you are so focused on you maybe, it’s time you took interest in your neighbors well being too. It could be your gateway to winning that Nobel Prize.

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