Integrity is key for success.

The Higher Road


Integrity is key for success.
Integrity is key for success.

A Quote like “The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is character” sounds like one of those cliché opening statements that motivational speakers use at the beginning of their talks. Yet it is not. Character and integrity are key for one to excel at anything in life.

A young man in a village in a county in Kenya, has a dream, His dream is to become a member of the county assembly in his locality. What is questionable however is that his ambition to be a leader is not driven by his need to be of service to the public but rather by a need for him to amass some wealth his motivation being the lavish lifestyle that his to be predecessor is currently living.A lifestyle that was only a dream before he was elected to this position as he did not have much to his name. This is the story in many other parts of this country both the young and older generation lack selflessness and in its place there is dishonesty and greed .The lack of integrity in our current leaders is to blame for the corruption in our government .Funds set aside for development are swindled and put in overseas accounts by the persons in charge for their personal use. The consequence is that we experience under development in most sectors of our economy.

For us as a country to experience growth and development we need to replace dishonesty with real integrity, this means that our leaders should be the same in public and in private. A person of integrity is authentic and dependable. If you are honest with people you will tend to have more impact on their lives be it professionally or at an individual level. You will be a tool of change and though you may face resistant at the beginning of projects or tasks people will eventually appreciate your work when they see the results.

Choosing integrity is choosing the higher road.Millennials need to build a culture of straight forwardness the reason people take short cuts while at any job is due to vices such as laziness or greed . What we need to embrace in our lives is acting with integrity because if we act without integrity we lose our chance at influencing people on decisions that matter. It’s thus our duty to tell the truth even when the truth does not favor us.


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  1. This is so true, if only our leaders upheld integrity. Millennial leaders should refuse to be inducted in this kind of leadership culture.Choose to be different.

  2. Well said dear.
    Integrity in every aspect like in leadership, and at all times of our lives will lead to great positive change to our Country and even at individual level.

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