Water ways that need conservation

Environmental Capital

Water ways that need conservation
Water ways that need conservation

Environmental capital is the corner stone of any economy of a country. For the other sectors to thrive the environment has to be well taken care off. The worlds ecosystem and its biodiversity has over the years continued to be threatened by continuous human encroachment on forests, water ways and on wild animals’. Exploitation of these natural resources to meet the needs of an ever growing population is the greatest problem.

Vast mountain areas that shouldn’t be encroached by human settlement.

The burgeoning of human settlement on forest reserves and on water ways has led to nature retaliating in ways such as increased flooding, increased costs of pumping freshwater where residents of urban areas have to pay so much to get clean water in their houses. The disappearance of economically valuable fresh water fish leading to reduction in the global ocean fish catch is also another issue, where families that were largely reliant on fishing as their means of making money now have to look for alternative livelihoods. This goes on to show us that our ignorance of the environment makes us vulnerable especially where we can’t get clean water in our homes. It’s a problem that trickles down to us, its personal and we need to be part of the solution.

The world is currently dealing with the reality of climate change which is one of the negative effects of over exploitation of environmental capital. The conversion of natural ecosystem to areas for human use and also mining of minerals such as coal and oil which are of high economic value is the highest contributor to this menace. Countries may make money from real estate investments and also from sale of these underground minerals but in the long term they will be in trouble. At this point in time when Kenya is looking to get both into coal mining and the oil industry the question on the lips of young people right now should be. What is of more importance right now, conserving our environment capital or having short term economic mileage on other African countries financially by mining oil?




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