Social Entrepreneurship is service to the people.Its an act of selflessness and one getting out of their comfort zone

Serving Nations as a Social Entrepreneur


Social Entrepreneurship is service to the people.Its an act of selflessness and one getting out of their comfort zone
Social Entrepreneurship is service to the people.Its an act of selflessness and requires one to get out of their comfort zone.

Selflessness and providing services for the greater good and not just for the money is rare. Many people will only invest their time and skills if they are raking in millions from any given project. This means that there are aspects of our society that will be left unattended to as they may not exactly generate revenue. This brings to light the need for social entrepreneurship. Which is the use of business approaches while solving social, cultural and environmental problems? The private sector mindset is brought into social entrepreneurship in the attempt to solve societal issues. It’s seen as a way of giving back to the community.

It’s tantamount that young people get into social entrepreneurship as it ensures they contribute to bettering the world for future generations. The goal in social entrepreneurship is not making money but creating a positive impact on the immediate surroundings. The building bridges foundation is encouraging young social entrepreneurs to be involved in the road to Nairobi project 2016 that will give them a chance to show case what they are doing for their communities and also expose them to other individuals who have succeeded as social entrepreneurs and others that would be interested in investing in their ideas as angel investors.

Some of the issues that a social entrepreneur would be looking to solve in Kenya would include.

  • Corruption where Kenya has been ranked highly in the global corruption and the entrepreneur would be seeking to find ways of how the common people can work with government in completely ending corruption.
  • Kenya was in 2015 ranked 6th among top 10 countries in sub-Saharan Africa .This means there is a gap that needs to be filled. As young social entrepreneurs they can venture into a business that seeks to completely alleviate poverty in Kenya.
  • Malnutrition which is a deep rooted problem for rural families that do not take balanced meals makes diseases like kwashiakor common in these areas. Solutions will therefore be needed on approaches to be used while educating locals on the importance of taking balanced meals .Alternatively social entrepreneurs may come up with agricultural programmes that help locals them get into farming of variety of crops for consumption.
  • Social entrepreneurs may seek to solve the issues like the HIV pandemic, cancer and others that continue to destabilize local communities. Making health care affordable for persons of all social status is an idea that an investor would be willing to invest in.
  • Data Management. In the era of technology data management has become crucial. With correct data on a population it’s possible to reach out to them and evaluate what they lack .When a social entrepreneur has identified a given gap they can then step up to fill it. Data can also be availed to nongovernmental organizations that then use it while planning on how to implement their humanitarian programs.

Young people have an opportunity to make impact in communities by turning problems into business ideas that create employment and improve the standards of life of a people .Follow the road to Nairobi 2016 team as we create a platform for young social entrepreneurs to share their visions.

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